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update! jan. 17, 2002

i have made a few changes to the way sElf wars works once again. you can now access the site from my own computer, rather than going to you can now, also use to access the web-portion of sElf wars. though, i know it's probably easier for you all to remember the tripod address.

but... a good way to check to see if sElf wars is up and running is to try to access the http address. if you don't get anything, the site is most likely down for the moment.

finally, thanks to everyone for re-uploading the mp3s to the server. we're almost back to where we were. thanks again!


update! dec. 12, 2001

there has been a slight change in how to access sElf wars. now, to make things simpler, i have made it so you can access the server by typing in into your web browser (or your favorite ftp program).

However, due to a recent hard drive crash, I have lost a lot of what was originally on the site. if some of you could find it in your heart to replace the files that were once lost, i would be eternally greatful.

Thanks for helping keep sElf wars useful!